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    Compensation Benefits. Our human resources are always focused on employee compensation and benefits policymaking as we believe the contribution of our employees to our business is the key to our success and we want to reward accordingly. We are not only focused on tangible compensation and benefits but also intangible rewards such as

    Textile Adviser Hank dyeing method ( yarn dyeing process)

    Hank dyeing method If the yarn is dyed in the hank form this yarn dyeing process is called the hank dyeing method of yarn dyeing. The hank dyeing process is carried out in an open vessel. The hank dyeing method has temperature limitations. The hank dyeing gets suitable for the dyeing of those yarn in which the colour gets fixed at 100degree

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    Baly Yarn Dyeing Ltd. GET STARTED TODAY A concern of Baly Group of Industries HANK / PIECE / SPACE / FANCY / CONE One of the leading dyeing industries in Bangladesh You can be a part now 15 Years Experience READ MORE A concern of Baly Group of Industries OF VALUABLE INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE EXPERIENCE At Baly we boast having a variety of hightech facilities with sophisticated efficient and

    Spinning and Dyeing Yarn Buy Now at Mighty Ape NZ

    Buy Spinning and Dyeing Yarn at Mighty Ape NZ. After the success of online craft communities such as Etsy and Ravelry enthusiastic crafters are now looking for a new challenge in yarn design. Wher

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    Dyeing Capacity(/Year) 14 M Sweing Embroidery(Cones/year) 86 Mobile Payment. Our Products. Sewing Threads. 100 Spun polyester sewing thread Read More. Sewing Threads. Polyester filament sewing threads 150D/48F HIM Read More. Dyed Yarn. PC/CVC/Viscos Read More. Our Policies. Health Safety.

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    Donegal DK 85/25 Merino Superwash and Donegal Nep Wool for dyeing undyed wool. Hejgarn. (15) Yarn Undyed Merino Blend DK Yarn for Home Dyeing. 250g Ball 100 Wool. King Cole Undyed Merino Wool. Ready to Dye Yarn.

    Meet the UK s indie yarn dyers Gathered

    Alicia is the indie yarn dyer behind Botanical Threads using plants to create her unique colourways on fabric. Follow her on Instagram or visit her website Debbie has been running Skein Queen for 11 years creating stunning colourways from her Berkshirebased workshop.

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    YARN DYEING We have 11 dye tanks which we can dye between 1kg up to 600kg dye batches. STATE OF THE ART DRYING We have two Radio Frequency Driers with precision controlled drying ensuring that your yarns are delivered with the correct moisture content. REWINDING


    APEX YARN DYEING LIMITED Overview As per our global export database APEX YARN DYEING LIMITED made total 2 export shipments with a total export value of 3884 in 2021. Top Export Markets or Countries Saint Barthelemy (3884 USD).

    Yarn dyeing Weaving an ancient tale of colour and quality

    Yarn dyeing is far older but works better because the dye penetrates deep into the yarn completely enveloping it. There are three methods of yarn dyeing package warpbeam and skein. A package is another word for a spool of yarn. The untreated threads are wound around tubes and then placed in a dyeing machine inside which dye flows

    The Best Tools Equipment for Dyeing Yarn at Home

    Syringes Syringes are great for measuring out small volumes of dye or applying dye to fiber. Like a squirt bottle you can squirt the dye on top (but in a more measured capacity) or you can even inject the dye into the fiber directly. I have a collection of 3 mL 50 mL syringes that are super easy to wash and reuse.

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    Apex Yarn Dyeing is committed to avoiding the use of dyes and chemicals that are a health hazard and harmful for the mankind and environment. We safeguard the environment and fully treat all effluent. What we do. Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited (AYDL) presently has a production capacity of 4 200 MT per year. Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited produces dyed

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    We deal in superior quality range of Dyeing Machinery Textile Dyeing Machines Hydro Extractor Yarn Conditioning Machines Hot Air Drier Dyeing Machines Industrial Oven etc. Since 1985 our company has been manufacturing exporting and supplying excellent range of machines. We aim at providing immense customer s satisfaction with the most

    Common Yarn Dyeing Faults Causes And Way Of Remedies

    We know that package yarn dyeing is done by the In0ut mechanism of dye liquor. So shade could be varying in the various layers of a package. Followings are the causes and remedies of uneven shade. Causes Firstly uneven pretreatment (uneven scouring bleaching ). Secondly improper color dosing. Thirdly using dyes of high fixation property.

    Best Yarn for Dyeing A Complete Guide for Yarn Selection (2022)

    Dyeing a yarn that has two different fiber types merino (animal) and cotton (plant) can add a layer of complexity to the process. In that case you need to use allpurpose dyes that contain both acid dyes for the animal fiber and direct dyes for the plantbased fiber. However you can get beautiful vibrant results because the fibers take

    Yarn Dyeing Process Flow Chart FAQ

    Yarn dyeing techniques/ Methods First of all add salt in dyeing bath and maintain temp 60°C for 20 mint PH 6. then add colour at 60°C for 20 mint. then add soda ash in dye bath at 60°C for 30 mint. then dyeing is done at 60°C for 60 mint. Depend upon requirement ( dark shade medium or light shade)

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    As per our global export database APEX YARN DYEING LIMITED made total 2 export shipments with a total export value of 3884 in 2021. Top Export Markets or Countries Saint Barthelemy(3884 USD). Major Export Product Category along with HS Code Under HSN Code Product Description SEWING THREAD OF MANMADE FILAMENTS WHETHER OR NOT PUT UP FOR RETAIL SALE OF SYNTHETIC FILAMENTS.

    12 Causes of Yarn Dyeing Reproducibility Issues2 FYI Tester

    1 Subjective elements of yarn dyeing reproducibility issues. 1 Winding quality. 2 Pretreatment. 3 Selection of dyes. 4 The rationality of dyeing process. 5 Operational factors. 6 Management issues. 7 Lab tracking of mass production. 2 Solutions.

    My Yarn Dyeing Process Home Row Fiber Co.

    In my little stainlesssteel cauldrons (aka stock pots) I carefully monitor every step of the dyeing process. The temperature pH and dye concentration in the dye bath must remain at specific levels in order to create a permanent bond between wool and dye. If the correct balance isn t achieved and maintained the wool fiber can become